• Masanori MURAYAMA
    Team Leader
    1996-1997 Newspaper delivery man
    2001 Graduated from Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science Life Science
    2006 Ph.D. in Life Science, Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science
    2006 Physiology Department University of Bern (Switzerland)
    2010 Incumbent
  • Yasuhiro OISI
    Research Scientist
    Interest: The mechanisms of perception
    Research methods: Genetic approach/behavioral experiments
    Special skills: Design
    Hobby: Reading
  • Hiroyuki UWAMORI
    Research Scientist
    Interest: Perception mechanisms
    Research methods: Two-photon Ca2+ imaging, behavioral experiments, data analyses
    Special skills: Playing the guitar
    Hobby: Cooking
  • Ikumi OOMOTO
    Research Scientist
    Interest: The relationships for memory consolidation and neural activity during sleep
    Research methods: Two photon imaging
    Special skills: Pipetting by both hands
    Hobby: Swimming, reading
  • Yusuke ATSUMI
    Graduate Student
  • Yoshihito SAITO
    Graduate Student
  • Yoshiki ITO
    Graduate Student
  • Nobuhiko TAKAHASHI
    Graduate Student
  • Masayuki FUKUDA
    Graduate Student
  • Naoki HAGA
    Graduate Student
  • Chihiro HOMMA
    Technical Staff
  • Maya ODAGAWA
    Technical Staff
    Technical Staff
  • Midori KOBAYASHI
    Technical Staff
  • Tomomitsu KARAKI
    Technical Staff
  • Mami SUZUKI
    Laboratory Assistant
  • Others
    Visiting Researcher 7
    Research assistant 3
    Former members
    Satoshi Manita (University of Yamanashi Faculity of Medicine, Associate professor)
    Daisuke Miyamoto (University of Wisconsin HFSP Fellow → Now, University of Toyama, Associate professor)
    Takayuki Suzuki (Company)
    Daichi Hirai (Company)
    Keisuke Ota (University of Tokyo, Associate professor)
    Megumi Fukuda (Company)
    Hirotake Misu (National Institute for Physiological Sciences, graduate student)